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The Farm

Vale Farm is a family-owned and run farm that's been in the family for generations. We've been farming here for well over 50 years. 

  In order to reduce the impact the farm has on the planet, where possible energy is sourced sustainably, using our solar panels.  We've also off-set as much of our carbon footprint as possible by planting over 7000 trees. 


Not only does the farm produce some of the finest eggs but we also work hard to grow an array of other produce and ingredients for different industry uses, including:


  • Milling Wheat for bread making

  • Malting Barley for Whiskey

  • Barley for the Craft Ale market

  • Feed wheat for animal feeds

  • Oilseed Rape for alternative healthy cooking oils

  • Sage for the dried herb market

  • Poppies for Morphine production

  • Poppies for the Cosmetics industry


Vale Farm, Enmill Lane, Pitt, Winchester, S021 2AS


07872 587371

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