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Are our Hens truly free-range?

Yes! Our hens spend their days roaming around in their 40 acres of Hampshire countryside which includes 7,000 trees, they love to forage for insects, berries and flowers.  We use small shelters and branches to keep the range as entertaining as possible for our girls. 

What are our Hens fed?

We feed our girls on Wheat, Barley, Corn, Sunflower, Soya, vitamins and minerals and we don't add any hormones.  We believe this makes the yolks more 'orangey'  and this in our opinion makes the perfect fresh free range egg. 

Egg collecting and packing 

At 8am we walk through to check all our girls are happy and well. This is when we collect any eggs that have been laid on the floor overnight. At 9am we start to collect the rest of the eggs and sort them out into "firsts" and "seconds". Once our eggs have been cleaned they are packed into boxes and trays and are then ready to be sold.



Vale Farm, Enmill Lane, Pitt, Winchester, S021 2AS

07872 587371

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